Letter To My Mother!


Hello mummy, migwo! How are you doing my love? It’s been a while, i haven’t  been regularly speaking with you, but we spoke these past few days, and though I can easily give you a call, I just thought I should write you a letter. Its old fashioned right? Hmmm…. maybe it’s not a bad thing to go old fashioned once in a while.

I am a man now, or okay, I’ve been a man for many years now; since 18, I’ve stood up to make life-defining decisions for myself. I remember, I personally decided that as soon as I got into University, I was gone out of the house and every time I came around it would be for as a visitor. So for about 15 years, your baby boy has striven to live up to this manhood-something. It hasn’t been easy, and hasn’t been funny. But has it been worth it? Yes, I would say. Through all the fights, arguments, quarrels, and settlements, we are here and I am just thinking about a lot. I remember growing up and being like your boyfriend, I know I still am.. *wink*’ Erere and Ikuesiri are just struggling to occupy my throne but i know it belongs to me as the first son.

Growing up, i had no older sibling so you became my friend, confidante, and we used to gist a lot. I remember coming home from Uniport and cuddling up with you to gist all the happenings that had occurred in school while you updated me on happenings in Sapele. I remember being in school totally sick and you felt it in your heart enough to prepare, cook and come down to Uniport even when I didn’t call or hint you that I was sick – i still i am surprised by that incident; there are so many I remember and as much as I celebrate being my own man, I still miss those simple innocent days.. Life can be so complicated mum; and big, mighty Lagos doesn’t help matters but the greatest legacy you have given me that has helped me weather the storm is Jesus. From his loving perspective and reality, even when everything is falling apart, I know His hand is working things out. As I write this, I am somewhat in a dicey situation and I wonder why life should be this complicated, but I think about those God has used to show me that He loves me and I can’t complain. Love is awesome simple and deep at the same time. God used you to show me how much He loves me.

You have been and continue to be a major part of my life. I clearly certainly do not give you enough credit for what you have done for me, for teaching me, helping me, providing for me, going through so much for me, even up to getting a farm at Abraka for an extra income stream, just to make sure i, Ayo, Ejaren, Erere & Ikuesiri were well clothed and provided for; refusing to change your wardrobe for years just so we could eat three massive meals daily; how we never were short of food was a miracle; how we didn’t go naked is a miracle to say the least; how i was able to not have any sense of lack or inferiority complex in the midst of richer people is something i cannot understand when i look back at many time in the past. I even led the group and was prominent in leadership among my peers and i can only look back to your sacrifice in making sure we were within reaching distance of the necessities of life. I owe you so much more than we can express in words and I owe you more than I can ever imagine. As i keep growing wiser, i will keep discovering much more. I grow wiser and I learn and understand many things better. You lived a lot for me, gave me your all, made sure I was well educated, while you denied yourself so many nice things of life. Even though I was angry back then that you didn’t take sometime to enjoy yourself, I realize my joy was your enjoyment, my happiness gave you fulfillment, and my success gave you all the satisfaction you needed!

With respect to my dreams and visions in life, i am in some really good place in my heart now, I am clear about what next to do, I am set on my path and I have discovered my life purpose in measures that many dream of finding all their lives. I owe all of this to you. I wouldn’t be here today if you didn’t stand your ground, struggled and fought for me. Not that I have fully attained, but I am set on my way… I miss you now, sitting here at a KFC outlet, just thinking and thinking and thinking. I am truly grateful for your life, love, and example. You have labored well.. the fruits of your labor you have started to enjoy, you will yet enjoy so much more and your joy will know no bounds, you are the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath, God will continually uphold you and amongst others, by my hands, God will reward all your efforts for all those years.

I love you mummy, I will be in Warri soon, so I can be ‘punished’ with food I don’t have time to prepare here in Lagos. Starch and banga, real pepper-soup, ukodo, and all those things that make the ministry go forward…

Yeah, I know you want to know about my status with her – don’t worry mummy, the same God that has kept us and has led us through thick and thin will sort that marriage thing out. He makes all things beautiful in His time, and I feel it strongly that the time isn’t long anymore. Just keep exercising, jogging and keeping fit, because you go carry grand children taya.

My love, my first girlfriend, my mummy…  Migwo! God bless and keep you well for me and all my younger ones and for the many accross the world who call you mum, who you picked left right and centre and took care of. Mummy of Life! xoxoxoxoxo …. mummy, in today;s language, x means hugs, o means kisses. Hahahaha

Your Son,



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