Abuja Money Opportunity: Are You Qualified?


I wondered the best title to give this piece and not make it about me, because it is not. It is about you!

My passion is helping people succeed, hence I share experiences of my journey to financial freedom. But this is about handing you an opportunity

Hello friends, if you live in Abuja, or you have friends and loved ones Abuja, this is for them!

I will have the privilege of being a part of the management team of the multi-national – A2W International that will spend 3 days this weekend unveiling opportunities to people!

Many pray to God for money like a bag of cash will negotiate it’s way through their ceiling and land on their sofa.. Some others are hoping for some big windfall that will automatically change their story.
Friends, while I believe in miracles, I’d rather take advantage of the opportunities around me right now like miracles can’t happen, in that way, I will fulfil all scripture!

You are tired of the status quo..
You are tired of dragging your biz instead of your biz carrying you..
You are full of debts and still piling up more..
You are in a mid-life crisis and can’t figure out what to do next..
You earn well and can’t state exactly where the money enters..
You seek financial freedom…

..if any of the above describe you or someone you know, then I would love to give 5 free entry tickets for these strategy sessions:

—–»September 19-21.
Friday: 4-6pm
Saturday: 12-2pm | 2-4pm | 4-6pm
Sunday: 2-4pm | 4-6pm

33 Port Harcourt Crescent,
off Gimbiya Street,
Area 11, Garki.

My personal testimony I will share soon, but from being down to nothing 4years ago, I have the awesome privilege of being directly responsible for businesses with turn-over in a lot of millions yearly and I have built multiple streams of income and most importantly, I have helped a few others do the same. I have addressed nothing less than 5000 people this year alone, seeking for a few other opportunity-takers like me. A candle loses no light by lighting other candles.

This is a once in a life-time opportunity to explore the A2W opportunity. Let me know latest Thursday at 6pm if you or your friend would love to take advantage.

Nothing Just Happens!

God Bless You!


What do you think? Plz share comments

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