Why Some People Succeed And Others Don’t – 1


Do we manufacture our work? Is our path pre-ordained such that whether we like it or not we are living a program that we have no control over? Or do we really have a say in the various outcomes of our existence?

Thinking about the majestic nature of our world and how humongous life is, and how much it seems to always be many steps ahead; many would resolve that life was beyond them. There are many who believe or act this same way. That life is pre-ordained, and only God knows tomorrow, hence whatever we do, get, achieve or not, we have little or no control over. This school of thought supposes quite succinctly that, our path, fates, results, pain, etc are a function of a higher power, hence we are either favored or disadvantaged by destiny.

I wonder, when i consider this – looking around, seeing the lives of those around, understanding the reason for this idea or theory is not far-fetched. Everyone seems to be trying hard to get across the survival line, while it seems others have had a pretty easier lane. But there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the lord grants him understanding. My thought is, what is it about those who seem to have been dealt a favorable path in life? What have they done? Is there anything peculiar to them? Is there some pattern to their being the special ones? or is it random selection? Is it a function of race, location, season of birth, position in family? What exactly is it?

I have heard many times that there is great wisdom in books, hence i decided to read quite a number of books on this subject. i really sought to know what these successful people thought about, what about them made them recipients of the blessings of success. Yesterday, while waiting for my flight from Lagos to Abuja for A2W leadership training, i had my flight delayed for 3 hours, this gave me time to delve into another book on the subject, and by touchdown in Abuja, i had done 8 chapters. The book was written over 100 years ago and it gave pretty valuable insight, depth, wisdom and some foundation to this thought. Because if i could find how successful people came about 100 years ago, then align with present day successes, i am sure it would give me  pretty good picture as to why some people succeed and others do not.

Friends, are successful people lucky or favored or are successful people made? Are unsuccessful people pre-determined to be unsuccessful, or do they choose to be?

In my little study by reading, studying one on one and hearing reports from people, there are a few discoveries i would love to share. They helped and still help me..

Success more times than not, was not by accident – it happened by a proactive choice which began from thought. I am pretty intrigued by the grass to grace, nothing to something stories of successful people.  It may sound really unfeeling and blunt, but those who fail seem to have chosen it. Knowing a bit of what i know now, it seems to be really difficult for me to settle for the idea that our fates are already determined and we can’t choose otherwise. Think about it, most children of rich families end up worse than their parents; most people win the lottery and lose it all in maximum 3 years; many in the greatest nation on earth are poor while the poorest nations on earth have billionaires; two people do the same business in the same environment – one is broke, the other successful; what about marriages? etc. I find that, there is a guiding principle or rather should i say a common thread, and it has its foundation in the way people think – the way they have chosen to think.

Being in the presence of a failure and that of a successful person, you get different vibes; even when the failure may have more money that the successful person. I mean you meet people who have a good job, car, house and family and then you meet someone else who doesn’t have much and you get a sense that the really successful person is the one who doesn’t have much, it is only a matter of time. Why? Simply the atmosphere, their attitude and disposition, their hopefulness, all these proceed from inside, and it starts with the way they think!


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