Why Some People Succeed And Others Don’t – 2

continued from part 1 here


I remember many years ago, while in University, i had this wonderful friend, such a great woman with awesome personality, focus, intelligence and discipline. We became pretty close as friends when we became neighbors hence she was privy to a lot of my activities then in school. She became someone i respected a whole lot and could communicate with at an intellectual level that i couldn’t easily access around me then. Ikunnma was such a wonderful lady. What is the point of bringing her in here? Simply for one statement she made when i was finally about leaving UNIPORT – she said, “Yoma, whatever you decide to do, you will be successful”. That statement was in answer to questions raised during discussions about what next for me, and so on… Now did she see my bank balance? No. If she did, it obviously would have told here i was broke. Did she bank on me having a rich father or uncle? Not really… Did i win a lottery to give her a clue as to where i was going? No, i didn’t.

Success is the outcome of a proactive decision. You cannot be successful as a result of external things, hence successful people have an aura and atmosphere that is convincing beyond reasonable doubt, that they are headed somewhere. The atmosphere we carry on the outside is as a result of the dynamics going on inside. We have since discovered that failures choose their results simply because they didn’t take proactive steps to engage opportunities, they decided to go with the flow, but in life, only the negative trend happens without your effort. If you want yam, you will cultivate the soil, clear it, fertilize it, irrigate, tend the infant crops and then protect the growing crops from wild animals. But for weeds to grow, it needs no wetting, no tending, no protecting…it just grows. Only weeds grow without wetting; to get crops, you will have to work!

The idea that some people are born to be rich, famous and successful is a humongous excuse manufactured by irresponsible people to ensure that they do not exert themselves in the direction of their dreams. When people are failing at their personal duties to their lives, they resort to believing that something, somewhere, outside of them, is responsible for their failure. Friends, wake up and smell the coffee. If things will change in your present and your future, you have work to do, it is your responsibility. Thinking in this way will revolutionize your life. You cannot create an atmosphere of possibilities when you continuously think and meditate on failure. Your disposition to life is very key. You need to re-position your thoughts and be proactive about what you allow in there. You do not become rich when money comes, you become rich before money comes. You do not become successful when you achieve your goals, you become successful before success comes. Life is inside out. You become before you have. Whatever you get that you have not become responsible for, you are not likely to get next month – it is a gift. To have more, you have to first become more.

What do you think about the most? How do you think? What guides your philosophy? Fatalism? Elitism? Determinism? Fate? Religion? What? Does your philosophy place your success in your hands or in the hands of something or someone outside of you? One big lesson to be learnt from the study of successful people in all works of life and different nations of the world is that they took responsibility for their outcomes. They thought differently, hence they acted differently. Your actions are a reflection of your thoughts. If you have faith in a yet unmaterialised future, you will act differently from someone who believes life will hand him whatever life determines. Friends, you need to re-position your mind. How can you do that? First, what is your mind most exposed to? Your life will go in the direction of your dominant thought, your dominant thought is a result of what your mind is fed with.


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