Why Some People Succeed And Others Don’t – 3

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why some people succeed

“A successful person has a goal, a loser always has good reasons” – unknown

Your mind needs to be exposed to information, pictures and actions of the preferred destination you desire your life to arrive at. You cannot think about women so much, every waking hour and expect to land at wealth and riches. Even if you win a lottery, you will lose it. You cannot expose your mind to gossip and end up building a business, even if one is willed to you, you will crash it. You cannot expose yourself to bad-mouthing, complaining and hating on successful people and then arrive at success. You cannot attract what you despise. If you want to sing and succeed, you expose yourself to the lives of successful musicians.

Our lives go in the direction of the picture we have in our mind. Our lives go in the direction of our predominant thoughts. It takes discipline, actually it is regarded as the hardest job in the world – the ability to hold on to a thought regardless of present contrary situations on the outside. Such that people like Farrah Gray are such an inspiration today because he came from a crime-ridden, poverty-stricken neighborhood to become a millionaire at 14 years of age. What picture do you hold in your head? Have you given in to friends, family and life? If you do nothing to the contrary, life will happen to you; i have not seen anyone who life happened to that had a good story to tell.

Feed your mind right. Have a balanced diet for your mind. The bible makes a profound statement that is such an incredible concept to build your life on; “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life”. Life, our lives, issue from our thoughts. This simply and quite clearly posits that the results people have in their lives, is an outcome inspired by their thoughts! So it is your responsibility to establish a perimeter fence around your heart, and secure it with a massive gate. It is your duty to protect your heart from viruses that will seek to destroy or corrupt your mind. The mind is an operating system that will run whatever software you input. We must position to always feed our minds a balanced diet of all that is needed to get it up to speed. The mind is a muscle, you want to exercise it in the areas you need it to produce in your life.

Interestingly, the mind works in a very interesting way, it has the ability to store all and every information, but God has so designed life such that our minds only selects the things that it judges as being relevant to our lives and makes it apparent. For example, if you do not go out looking for red cars, the possibility of you knowing the exact number that you went past on your way to work is really low. But think about this, if you were promised N1,000 by your boss for every red car you see as you ride to work, suddenly your mind brings “red cars” to the fore and you easily recognize and take notice of all red cars. This is exactly how it is when we feed our minds with the most relevant information that is key to our future, we activate the brain to always bring it to the fore, to always recognize opportunities in that direction and hence we are constantly reminded and enamored ny the predominant thoughts we have fed our minds with. This whole concept is called the Reticular Activating Sysytem or RAS.  Reticular Activating System is a part of the brain that acts like an information filter.  It screens out certain information and lets other kinds of information through. Your RAS will  help you to recognize opportunities easily once your mind is exposed to enough of that information.


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