Why Some People Succeed And Others Don’t – 4

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How then can we feed our minds the relevant information? We make input in our minds through books, training, seminars, messages, networking, etc. One of the best ways to feed the mind differently is to read and write. Reading exposes you to the thoughts, ideas and concepts of those who have gone ahead of you; while writing helps you think. Thinking is pretty much the hardest job on earth. But writing opens up your mind to search for value you want to put down on paper. Meeting new people is huge, you can cross-pollinate ideas and you can even be opened up to a whole new world you didn’t know existed by meeting a new person. It is said that you are the same person you were 5 years ago, except for the books you have read and the people you have met.

Truth is, in the cone of learning, reading is one of the least forms of learning, actually, practical involvement with what you are learning is the best way to learn. So you can imagine that the easiest form of learning – reading, is such a big, big deal for most people. Isn’t it appalling and rather sad? Does it not tell you the level we relegate ourselves to when we cannot even do the least level required for feeding our minds right? No investment in the mind is too much, as a matter of fact, no investment in the mind is even enough. You keep learning till you die, so why deprive yourself of the opportunity to live a full life?

You cannot get the best of life without having the abundance of things, you cannot have the abundance of things without being rich, you cannot be rich with out having the right thought, mindset and paradigm; you cannot have the right thoughts, mindset and paradigm without your mind being exposed to the information you want your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to consistently highlight. And the first step to feeding your mind is by reading. it is said that for you to be an expert in any field, you must have read the number of books in that field equivalent to your age. So if you really love graphic design or business or non-profits or teaching or public speaking or music, etc; how many books have you read on the subject?

Next step is your practice. Success is overall an alignment of wisdom(application of knowledge) and practice. Whenever we engage only in getting wisdom, we fool ourselves into thinking we know, but all we have is head knowledge; on the other hand, when we align only with practice, we can get in motion for years and never leverage the wisdom, expertise or experience of others that shortens the process. Though i will pick doing over just head knowledge, ultimately, to ensure you achieve success, there must be an alignment between your wisdom and your practice.


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