Why Some People Succeed And Others Don’t – 5

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One great way to ensure that you are consistently driven is by building a network, or having a network of people around you who are going somewhere with their lives. I always share with people who complain about not knowing what to do with their lives that, you may not know what your life is about, but ensure you follow or are working with those who do. Your network is directly proportional to your net-worth, you can’t walk with the wise and be regarded as foolish. The wealthy look for and build networks, every other person looks for work – Robert Kiyosaki says.

It is a fact of immense proportions that there are eons of people who are so rich and successful around us today yet we are rather unable to discern what their exact talent is. Look deeply and it seemed they were always at the right place at the right time connected to the right people. The truth is the truth. The world is not the way you want it to be, the world is the way it is. You either understand it and locate yourself in its stride or you can beat against the flow and keep deceiving yourself. This world will always judge people by what they own and possess; this world will always respond to people who know how to meet and relate fondly with other people. your idea may be worth a million dollars but your conduct may worth one dollar. My friend, life will pay you the worth of your conduct in the long run. Understand that networking is key.

There are three levels of human relations on planet earth, and they are all reflect different possibilities, with respect to how we turn out in life. They are dependence, independence and interdependence. All humans start from dependence, but the highest may aim for in independence beyond just being dependent. These levels are governed by paradigms; not by money or place of birth or geography. You fall into any of the three levels by reason of your core values. What are your core values?

If you think that someone, something, somehow outside of you is responsible for your success or failure, you are dependent. When ever you give an excuses for not accomplishing a task simple or great, you prove your dependence. Independent people are those who hardly find it difficult to trust the capacity of others, they believe they have grown themselves to be so god at their craft or task and they need nobody else. Independent people go into deals and business seeking not to lose, if anyone would lose, it just cannot be them. they place a high premium on succeeding because all of their success is “self-made”. Interdependent people are those who have gotten to the level of being able to work with others, they are always thinking of how to raise a team, raise a partnership, creating a platform to work with others. They always seek a win-win or no deal situation in business. The wealthiest people are those who have chosen to leverage and work with others.

This is the reason i love network marketing, i have achieved what would have taken me ten years in less than four years of driving my network marketing business. That i can grow a business to the point where i can earn whether i work or not and where i have LEVERAGE! The key word for all wealthy people. Networks provides leverage! If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go with a team! Networking is key to all of the success you will ever achieve. One will chase a thousand, two will chase en thousand; as the bible says.

1 = 1000
2= 10,000
so each gets 5000 when they partner. 1000/5000 x 100 = 80% | This means whenever we do not partner, we lose 80% of our possibilities.

Ensure that you deliberately network. Ensure you direct your networking in the direction of your dreams. You wont get ahead much alone. The bible says, “woe unto him who is alone in Zion”. Having shared so much from post 1 – 5, all i say now is JUST START! Even if you do not know what to do, ensure you are not idle, you will find your true work out there in the field, not at home simply thinking.


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