Saving Miss Nigeria!

I Want More For Nigeria!

But do you know the sickest part about our crave for a better Nigeria? It is the fact that we seem too powerless to make it happen – to make change happen! The record of Nigeria’s underachievement is legendary, not just because we see the evil increasing, but simply because there seems not to be enough effort on the part of the citizenry to stem the tide of evil.

The story is told of a monkey who gets thrown into a cage, and once it gets in, it moves in the direction of a banana placed at one end of the cage, as soon as he does, he gets beaten by the owner of the monkey, now this scenario continues for three days, such that the monkey stops going for the banana; then another monkey gets added to the cage and seeing the daily supply of banana, goes for it but gets seriously beaten by the first monkey, this happens for 3 days and then the second monkey decides not to touch the banana; then a third monkey gets thrown in, and seeing the banana, goes for it. I bet you know exactly what happens, it gets beaten… This same scenario happens with the fourth, and fifth monkey. Then a sixth younger monkey gets thrown in, and then seeing the daily supply of banana, it jumps towards it and gets thoroughly beaten by the other monkeys. In a state of shock and disbelief, it asks the five other monkeys, “why are you beating me?”, they reply “we do not know, that is how things work here”.  Even their reply shocked themselves, and they sat in unbelief pondering what they have been doing.

Doesn’t this situation look like where we find ourselves in Nigeria today? Where in the midst of potential plenty we have been beaten to a state where generation after generation speaks so much of the good that can be ours yet kill those who make for the banana? Or beat up those that seek to stand out or malign those who seek for a more better way for the country? Isn’t it the case that the beating from previous custodians of our leadership have made many citizens so lethargic that they find it easier to discourage a revolution than be a part of the revolution? Isn’t it so sad that we want a great nation yet fight against building it or those trying to build it? We want good leadership, yet rundown everyone who steps forward. We want equity and justice yet abuse people and judge our fellow citizens on the basis of religion and ethnicity. We are a nation high on intellectual capital but low on emotional intelligence. We preach the ideal, yet practice the mundane. We are lost in the malady of our inordinate desire to promote self, religion, ethnicity, personal interest above the others. And this is a profile that runs from Aso rock to the streets of Kontagora, Sapele, Abakaliki, Ado-Ekiti, Suleja, etc. We have been so beaten from taking the banana, the only other thing we know is to beat ourselves up!

Right now, Nigeria has been raped out of her senses and all she does is harm herself since she has no sense of self-worth anymore. She needs us to like the sixth monkey ask ourselves, “we are you beating me?”, we right now seem to be at a place where we are running a program we have no control over. We are executing the demands of corrupt leadership without knowing it, we are robots destroying the nation and beating up the next generation trying to do better, and we hardly recognize this fact. The mental conditioning of suffering has made us so self-destructive we think we are helping the next generation by telling them “nothing will change”, “if you have the opportunity, steal your own”, “a Muslim should not rule Nigeria”, “the north is superior to the south”, etc. Think, stop and think. Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you thinking what you are thinking?

One of the worst places to be in life is a point where you want something that is within your reach so bad and you refuse by hook, crook or the mood, to go for it. No regret can be greater than laying on your dying bed and seeing all the dreams you didn’t achieve, the hopes that you didn’t strive for, the risks you didn’t take staring down at you angry that you never gave them life, that you never brought them to fruition. Nigeria does not need good leaders, we need active citizens. What informs your activity shouldn’t be religion, ethnicity or personal interest; we must be open to a flurry of contrary ideas and thoughts, not locked into our own lenses and paradigms but open to the new. I am amazed at how ill-informed many opinion leaders are about Nigeria. What we think the problem is, is not the problem;,how we see Nigeria is the problem. And until we tool up and get in the ring, nothing will change – we must change things. Nothing just happens, we make things happen. Every advancement you make must factor in the service of God and humanity. For God and country. If you do not work hard for the future of Nigeria, do not expect to participate in its glorious future.

Will Nigeria change? Yes! Will you be the one to change it? I can’t say. The question you want to ask yourself right now is, “are you the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or are you the sixth monkey?”. Nigeria is independent, but we need to be free. Freedom will only come from our interdependence. Only those who question the status quo ever discover new shores of endless possibilities. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED NIGERIA!


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