Mind Your Business – 1

minding your business

One of the most popular refrains i hear whenever i tell people looking for jobs, or those looking for ‘a better job’ to get a business doing, is, “I AM NOT THE BUSINESS TYPE”. Frankly, i would not want to say what runs through my mind whenever i hear that line. I perfectly understand the mindset that produces that conclusion. The reality of life is that we are a product of our environments and upbringing; the conditioning of our minds often times isn’t really ours but a product of the environment, community or society which we belong to. Doesn’t it surprise you how someone can have a certain wrong mindset and idea about a situation, and say the same thing over and over with an amazing amount of confidence and conviction yet they never can prove why they are doing what they are doing. Since we are creatures of habit, we end up producing the habits that have been repeatedly enforced by those around us, the thoughts around us and the behavior around us.

It is not so much difficult to say that a majority of humanity are doing what they are doing and can’t exactly defend why they are doing it. We are brought up and trained to go to school, read well, driven to come out of school with good grades so that we can get a good job. We grow up with this as our flow process handed over to us. We take it, go through it, and even though it is not producing success, we look to the next generation and hand over the same flow process to them – go to school, read well, driven to come out of school with good grades so that we can get a good job. Sadly, the reality is that most people handing this over have never sat down to question the success of this process. This mental conditioning that most haven’t questioned is alarming because the individual hammering the same flow process to their younger ones are struggling in their jobs, lives and finances. They gain validation in their life from saying the ‘safe’ thing. They aren’t having personal victory in their personal lives in the direction of their dreams so they say “go to school, read well, driven to come out of school with good grades so that we can get a good job”.  This conditioning is so ingrained in people that anyone who challenges this mental conditioning gets attacked, derided, and gets ‘put in their place’ and if they do not succumb, they are seen as outcasts. If you are able to stand your ground and put forward a good argument, they say “in the society today, a certificate is important” – crap! Who is the society? You! By the way, is the society responsible for you when your salary runs short? Does the society back up your life when things get hard, harsh and difficult? As a matter of fact, the society will desert you when things go bust!

Schooling is a means to an end. Getting a a job is a means to an end. Clarity about the end is what energizes and empowers you to stand the ground for your dreams. I regularly ask the question how much of this process has brought a revolution, a new dimension, a difference to the world? Why is getting a good job the be-all? Why do people not see that they are just running in cycles? People get out of school, get a good job, even if the job were not so good, the next thing everyone starts pressuring you into is you getting married, you end up adding that liability and then all your friends are getting cars, you have to get yours, then the aspiration is to have family holidays, and so on and so forth. The craze cycle just keeps getting wider and wider with so much activity yet no productivity.

But then, i find it all the more absurd, that the same person who says “i am not the business type”, works for 35 years, retires and keeps complaining that the pension is too small and then gets their gratuity and goes ahead to put it all in a business. I honestly do not get this. The same person who said many years ago, “i am not cut out for business”, yet your retire and start one. Who told you you are equipped to succeed? If this is how most people go, it means that we have been deceiving ourselves all along! Let me end today’s thought by saying this categorically, “30 years experience as an employee does not qualify you an an entrepreneur”.

…to be concluded tomorrow


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