Mind Your Business – 2

mind your business

Robert Kiyosaki defines JOB as Just Over Broke. You will never be paid enough to become rich. Truly, most people are in jobs to make money and get ahead in life. But true control is when you have a say in creating your outcomes. When the onus is on you to produce the results you seek in life. Working a job will get the country going, will make things happen for everyone, but if the spectacular is what you desire, if true transformation of self and society is what you desire, a job is not enough. School is not enough. The work, discipline and requirements to birth your dreams, lie far from just getting a job. When most people position their real dreams against what they are doing now, reality is, they are far from their dream. My question is, why will you spend the greater part of your life chasing something that would never bring you joy? Why do you get so lost in the activities of life that you never give attention to your dream?

It is the entrepreneurial spirit that enables one have a dream and chase it to a logical conclusion. And every time a dream has been pursued, it has liberated many others to pursue theirs. It is therefore in the best interest of humanity, that a person pursues their dreams but like my monkey story from here, we all seem to be locked in a matrix, we are parts of an assembly plant, there is a puppet master whom we’ve handed over control of our lives to. We do not want to know how the money is made, we just want a salary every month; we do not want to break our head about how the house is built, we just want to be able to pay our rent in a nice neighborhood; we do not want to know how government spends are money or steals us blind, we just want to be able to take take care of ourselves and our kids; this in my humble opinion is insane. There is a gross preponderance of dependence all over our nation. We may be dulled in our senses to believe that nothing is happening, but friends, we are dependent! We have no power to take decisions, we are not in the driving seat of our lives, we are passengers in our own live journey. So why are more people not questioning their status quo? Many people are out-sourcing the leadership of their lives.

That a thing is difficult doesn’t mean it is undoable. Seeking the easy way out is what makes men and rivers crooked. Getting a job and making it your be-all is a crooked path to take. This world needs much more than your subjugating yourself to the mundane pursuit of a salary. You are made of more, made of much more than living for you, yourself and your family. A job will take care of your needs, your dream will take care of your world. You job will give you a salary, your dream will give you an inheritance! Do not let the fear of the unknown stop you from venturing. The truth is that there is no security on the face of the earth. A job is only as secure as the insecure person securing it. You cannot say for certain that your job will still be available in 5 years, so what exactly are you playing small for? If you get a job, you are not guaranteed it forever; if you get a business, success is not guaranteed either. So why not go for that which will give you an inheritance? You do not do the world any service by playing small. The only security that exists is 6 feet beneath the earth, but freedom is achievable. Don’t go for security, go for freedom!

We have imagination and independent will. It means we can visualize with our minds a preferred future and end. We can paint a picture of our intended destination. With our independent will, we can choose irrespective of the environment and society and commit to a different outcome and then begin the work and walk that will get us to the end we desire. I had this discussion with a close friend of mine and it sounded like i hated school, but let me categorically say i do not hate school, it has its place. Schooling to senior secondary three (SS 3) level is the basic education that everyone needs, in my opinion. Beyond that, everyone should go in the direction of their dreams and visions. A mentor of mine who came out of school with first class said “school is for those who have not discovered what they want to do wit the rest of their lives. Once they do, they set out on it”. Clearly, many do not realize their life’s purpose till after graduation, many do not even rouse themselves to discover it even at 50 years of age. School is for those who want to belong to the mass of the population, the civil servants, career people, etc. That is not a bad plan to have, that is not an evil place to be, but do not live the life of a mass of the population and expect to become the richest man in your city. For those who want to make a difference, produce, create, innovate, invent, etc; school is a hindrance. School in this respect is higher education.



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