Mind Your Business – 3

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Mind Your Business

What then is the way to go? Mind Your Own Business! You have got to get a grip on your economy. You have capability in producing something, creating value or maybe just adding value. But note that every human being born into this world came bearing talents, gifts and a uniqueness that differs from all others. There is none empty in all of God’s creation. Hence you need to step up and step out on it.

Nobody who ever became anything significant, became so by being unresponsible for something. You won’t stumble into greatness. I agree you may stumble into a lottery, but apart from the fact that the in that ever happening are ridiculously slim, research has shown that most people who win a lottery lose the money in 3 odd years. So it is imperative that you learn, and own your life. You have a business to run, you have lives connected to your life, and they will never survive nor succeed if you do nothing about your life. Nobody is born with all the skills for business, you have got to go out there and start – try.

But the first step is accepting the fact that we are all entrepreneurs by creation. God created the earth in 6 days and rested, and since then He handed over creation to man who He created in his own image. Hence every material thing you see on earth today, the inventions, innovations and ideas creating ease and value in the world today were all created by man. Man is a creator by default, he learns dependence by design. Man is an entrepreneur by creation, he learns subjugation, slavery and dependence by design.

We have broadly had the agrarian age, the industrial age and now we are in the information age. In the agrarian age, who employed who? No one! Everyone went out there to make things happen for themselves. If not, you were a slave. Even those who went to work for wages were more like contract staff, they didn’t bargain on working a farm for 30 years. Only the slaves were condemned to that life. So basically, you were a farmer or tailor or goldsmith, etc as the case may be. But you fended for yourself. You created value for yourself! The whole idea of working for an organisation and retiring to a pension is a pretty new idea and with the coming of the information age, industrial age thinking did not last. The industrial age birthed the whole idea of blue and white collar jobs and the way to become wealthy and successful was to work for a company, put in your best for x number of years and then retire to a good pension. Sadly, this conditioning has formed the foundation of millions of people that they do not think before setting out on their life journey.

Sadly, things have changed, times have changed. Owning your life now has a whole new meaning. You need to go for financial freedom not seek financial security. The mindset that seeks security is one that makes you think that you must find  a system where rather than you controlling, you become a part of so that you can earn and be free from the risk of creating your own income. Being an entrepreneur is a birthright from God. Let me say there are different types of entrepreneurs just to help us see things deeper – entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. One takes responsibility and creates their organisation, while another takes responsibility within their organisation but their end is the same – freedom. The freedom of time and money. Time to spend with family and causes that are dear to your heart, and money that comes whether you pphysicallywork or not. It is a no-brainer, everyone must mind their business. It is small moves that create big changes. Nigeria will experience the big changes when we accept and walk in who/what we were created to become!


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