Ayo Sogunro

(This is going to be a bit longer than the usual fare) 

A Colourful Character

Governor Rotimi Amaechi is certainly one of the more colourful characters that patronised the political dramas of the outgoing federal regime. This is not just by virtue of his political roles as head of the Governor’s Forum or chief executive officer of Rivers State, but also for his fracases with two key players at the national level: Patience Jonathan and her husband, Goodluck. It seemed Amaechi’s administration was one long brawl with those two, brawls that made Rotimi Amaechi, for a period, the daily subject of newspaper headlines.

His personality accentuated national interest in these quarrels. In speeches across the country, he would eagerly challenge Nigerians to seize their sovereignty. And he was able to persuade many Nigerians to his perspective of things. With flamboyant gesticulations and a morosely narrowed face, he cut the vivid picture of the wearied…

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