2016: I wrote This For Myself And Thought I Should Share With YOU!

yoma hfcc3

Dear Yoma,

1. Take the most risk you have ever taken in your life. Economically, relationally, dreams, business..take the jump. Do not learn helplessness. Think Big, Start Small and Grow Fast.

Do not learn the helplessness that comes from not doing what you should do immediately. The more you procrastinate, the more helpless you become. The more you get used to helplessness in carrying out your dreams, loving that person, saying how you feel and what you mean, the more difficult it will ever be for you to do it. Eat That Frigging Frog Friend!

2. Government will solve your problem when pigs start wearing designer shoes. Even Jesus could not do some miracles in certain places. Ensure you are ‘minding your own business’.

Government is meant to serve you by creating the enabling environment for your dreams to flourish. If you have nothing you are doing, no matter how great the government performs, 100 x 0 = Zero. So get your acts together, and create that which God placed inside you from the beginning of the world.

3. People are your way up and your way down. Your network is directly proportional to your networth. You will go only as far as you can work with, impact and solve the problems of people. If two labor together, they get a better reward for their labor.

Your money is with other people, you will never get it by prayer and fasting if you have not created a solution that others will pay for. Friend,  you do not want to be limited by the expectations of others, or your expectations of their expectations of  you. People are very fickle, they will tell you how to live and judge you for living that way when you fail or become a celebrity. Either way, ensure you live life on your own terms.

4. Get Help. Get a Mentor. Connect with Royalty. If all your friends are poorer than you, you will soon be poor too, they are just waiting for you.

One lie that broke and poor people propagate is that successful people don’t help. LIE!!! All the successful people i know are eager to help, assist, support if you are willing to get help. Be a protege, a mentee, not a parasite. Those are two different things. Your mentors will benefit from you and you from them. It is always a win-win situation, never parasitic or dictatorial. Get a financial coach especially.

5. Start, Continue and Increase Your Giving Back. I know one of your goals this year is to pay the school fees of at least 72 children. If you can make it 720, i know you will be glad but it’s better to start, than not to start at all. I know you you have been giving back to communities where you have identified gaps and have been supporting for years – do more!

It doesn’t matter if you have not been doing this, start now. If your job is not allowing you give back to others, you may want to quit that job. What kind of life is a life that doesn’t provide succour for others? Teach others your skills for free, coach kids to pass their exams for free; go back to your village and add value. Do something for people who cannot give back to you. Ensure this is consistently a part of you. No candle ever loses its light by lighting others. You can ensure that your life is not a lake but a stream constantly flowing with abundance.

Happy New Year.

Much love from me.



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