The Most Important Skill



The good book says in Matthew 5: 15 “..nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket..“. This is such a profound statement, it destroys the helplessness many people have embraced. The stereotype they buy into that makes them helpless to turn their lives around. The lie that becomes an appropriate excuse for them to remain in their state of failure.

Because at the foundation of our existence, our creator underlines the fact that we are light of the world and hence we do not get set under anything but on the hill-top, on a lampstand. We are here to be fruitful and multiply. What is that skill that involves setting yourself up on a hill? My charge today is to know, understand and accept that it is your God-ordained job and duty to set your candle on the hill..

What are you lit with? What value do you have? What good can you offer? What solution can you provide? What light do you have on the inside of you? God’s expectation is that you will undergo the process, learn the skill and become proficient at “placing your candle on the hill-top” to shine.

God is all about productivity, God’s expectation is that we will not only find the light inside us but that we will be skillful at getting the world to know about it. He expects that we will be skillful at placing our candles on the hill top. Using salt, God says if you lose your saltiness by a lack of productivity, the only thing you will be worthy of is being trampled underneath the feet.

When you stand before an interview panel, you are selling yourself via the certificates you have and the life-skills you have acquired, and when the company buys into what you are selling, they offer to pay you a certain amount every month in exchange for your services. Ladies and gentlemen, never ever say you are not in business. you may not know it but you are selling daily. Everyday, you are consciously or unconsciously selling. if you sell yourself short, you will be trampled underneath the feet of people, if you sell well, you will light up the world around you with your influence.

Consciously learn how to sell. Selling is the most important skill on earth. if you can’t sell, you can’t be rich. And i am yet to see anyone with aspirations of poverty, because it takes no effort to be poor. Grass grows without wetting, you will get poor with no effort from your part, but you will get financially free with financial intelligence. And the first law of financial freedom is MMM – make more money. The way to MMM is to know how to sell. Do you have this skill? Are you developing it? Are you doing anything about it? Get a product or service and sell it. Start yesterday. Don’t procrastinate, or your bank account will procrastinate getting full.

Don’t focus on the minor and ignore the major. 2016 is four days gone already.

God bless you.


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