In Search Of Myself

searching for me

Light. Where is the source of light? Why do we seek out light?

Why does everything tangible and intangible gravitate towards light? Does life proceed from light? Is life guided by light?

These are a few thoughts that filled my mind today even as I meditated on purpose. If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. When we look at life around us, chances are a majority of people are abusing the life they have because they have gravitated towards lesser lights.

The only way to decipher the true worth, property, capacity, function and potential of a thing is by consulting the inventor or product manual. We are always looking for purpose. Man is born and begins a journey back to his beginning. Our daily walk is to discover our source. We are constantly consistently in an endeavour to align ourselves with the true essence of ourselves – our real selves.

This quest has landed many in a lot more confusion because they have looked to confusing sources like books, their inner selves, mentors, role models, their gifts and potentials, etc; all in a bid to discover their purpose on earth. As humans, like any product, we must consul our manufacturer if we desire truth. It is clear to me that every search for purpose that doesn’t begin from God is a lost cause already.

The good book uses a lot of ‘In Him’ In him we breathe, move, live and have our being. In anything or anyone else, we live outside of purpose – it is that simple.

We are made for God, by God, in God, to be gods.

Living successfully and living in purpose are two different things. If life must have meaning, if the 25,000 +  days you will spend on earth must be top-notch, you will need to find your use from the owner or via the owner’s manual. We are owned by our creator, for there is not anything made that was made outside of, or not for or from  Him.

What on earth are you here for? It start in Him. It begins from him… He is the light that lighteth all others..



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