FINDING MRS YOMA VICTOR: How To Pay For Your Marriage

wedding pay

She sat there looking like she was lost, but that was me thinking so… In reality, she was already found.. but that was also me thinking so… I don’t know who had taken her, but a sister so fine couldn’t be single; no i thought… I kept thinking, she can’t be single, lost or alone. How can? What about all the men who had seen here before me?

As i wandered off in my thoughts the footsteps of our course facilitator brought me back to reality.. Our leadership training kicked off but that still didn’t knock her off my thoughts. In the course of training, the facilitator asked a question and after two other people couldn’t handle it, i answered. As soon as i was done, he looked at me and asked ‘did you read my notes? Did you know my thoughts? How did you answer that so excellently?‘. As the closed room adulation of our trainer and my classmates continued, i could clearly see hints of admiration from you-now-know-who; i do not know how sha, but i think women, whether they be smart or unsmart, love a fine, sharp guy. Don’t hate, just thank the lord for me. As you do so, your own fineness will be unveiled by fire…

One thing led to two things and before you knew it a new couple had emerged from the ‘ashes’ of a leadership training programme. Bruh, do not despise the seemingly unimportant settings. Don’t be there dreaming you will meet her in a romantic some place, bleh.. there ain’t no dreamy destination hook ups for everyone jo. She just might be waiting for you at the vulcaniser’s or inside danfo or at the buka behind your work place – selling the food. The ways of the lord are past finding out my people. Anyway, back to love things before i run off too far…

One year down the line, marriage has become the goal, parents have been met, introduction done, list of requirements received, dude and bae are sitting looking at each other and as a gentleman extraordinary, brother isn’t planning to burden the sister financially – na there matter come dey.. How will this small expensive Nigerian wedding be funded? The budgeted expense is winning the wrestling match between itself and brother’s savings. let’s not even imagine unbudgeted expenses. The sweet matter of marriage is now generating bitter tastes here and there, straining the main matter of love.

One issue in Africa that has been raised is that people will give you money for your wedding, but won’t have money on offer when you want to launch a business. Somehow in Africa, people will buy enough liquor when you want to party, but won’t release a dime when you want to embark on your dream project. Is this a bad thing? I don’t know about you but i think it is great! Every situation provides opportunity for innovation. I have found the way to raise the marriage funds and leave the sweet couple debt-free.

TREAT YOUR WEDDING EVENT LIKE A BUSINESS. Get a business plan for your wedding, do the SWOT analysis, establish the core market(immediate family) you are serving and then the general market(friends of friends or friends and their friends) that will come and chop, clean mouth and go home without dropping gift or money. Ensure your budget has a plan b, plan c and plan d. Ensure that you factor in exchange rate fluctuations and the price of things like fuel and tomato. Do not forget the branding, etc.

Armed with this well packaged business plan (i can do this for you at a great fee), you then go our for marketing. the most important part of this endeavor. Since they are ready to pump money into your wedding, you might as well be a businessman about it. Plan to spend 30 – 50% of the funds raised for execution, because you need to use the other 50% for honeymoon, running costs of the new home and investment to ensure the school fees of the soon coming kids are paid for. I think it is very unsmart to spend money and hope that on the d-day, guests will spray money that will cover your expenses. See, you will have more fun that day if you follow my plan. It saved the couple above. Guys, what do you think? Let’s go make greatness happen!


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