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    Executive Children’s Parliament ECP & Executive Youth Project (Eyp} is made up of Intelligent God fearing children selected from various religious denominations, school and states in Nigeria coming together to represent children and act as lawmakers in National Assembly. To visit and speak the minds of children to Government-executive in authority, Religious leaders, Security-agencies, Companies, Corporate-offices, Traditional rulers, Responsible individuals, Well organized programs, Tourist centers, General public and Overseas-trip when the need arrases.

    QUALITY: Each child should God fearing, Good character, Respectful to elders, Law abiding citizen, Bold and eloquent in speaking to the public, Easier to be corrected, Very loyal, Intelligent in acting and peace loving child. With due respect, we have a constitution that bind us as we proceed in this children diplomatic issues.

    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To deliver the mind of children to fathers and mothers in authority and to the public; on the issues as follows:
    A) Children’s right, Scholarship,
    B) No to Child abuse and neglect.
    C) Children Evangelism and Religion
    D) Say no to HIV and AIDS
    E) Say no to Corruption and Robbery
    F) Say no to Cultism
    G) No to poverty and other related matters
    H) Appeal fund to send relive materials to the less privileged
    I) Our Responsibility to Parents, Nation and the Church.
    It will interest you to know that we serve as a campaign team to educate children, enlighten and sensitize public in rural and urban areas. You know that children are gift and treasurable assets from God, that need adequate protection, guidance, direction, care and attention at all times you know that children are vulnerable by these vices such as Rituals, Teenage pregnancies, Child trafficking, Child’s labor, Hawking during school hour, and Prostitution that leads to contact HIV and AIDS. Those who falls preys to these vices are the less privileged mostly orphans, school dropouts and jobless youths who are left to struggle for themselves. We need everyone’s assistance in this very matter.

    ACTION STANDARD: Executive children are the special children that dressed to the standard of our lawmakers and our traditional culture standard. We dress descent and have no time for an indecent dressing. We are the children that sit with men in authority as diplomat and deliver the minds of children on the issue in our aims and objectives and for the interest of Africa and our great Nation.
    DRESS CODE: Suits, Complete traditional attire, descent and Sport dresses is our dress code.
    Executive Children’s Parliament OFFICES
    The Co-coordinator s of (E.C.P. & E.Y.P.) are called Ambassadors
    All members are called children Honorable or Senators
     The President and The Speaker of the House
     The Vice, The Leader and The Chief weep of the House
     The Ministers & Commissioners
     The ECP & EYP Heads of Grassroots mobilization
     The Parliament King & Queen.
    ECP’s Journey will not stop but will continue to EYP (Executive Youth Project), we are working hard to become the Directors, Senators, Governors, Ministers and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other top positions by God’s grace. We need your prayers & encouragement.
    CHALLENGES: You don’t need a Crystal bulb to see that our services in parliament are effective and you don’t need a second chance to make the first impression. We thank Almighty God for keeping us until this day to start this Executive Children’s Parliament. Everybody needs to act fast to save us and our Nation. We children are set aside to make the different. With God on our side, we are sure to reach our intending goal by passing through our fathers and mothers in authority. Our request is your support knowing that we are the future leaders. We need your prayers, encouragement and directions, The way you lead us today is how we are going to be tomorrow. By the grace of God we are for signs and wonders a network of intelligent God-fearing children worldwide. Children in a changing world getting its Right. Please be a part of this important great move, invest in ongoing training development of intelligent children. You will never be forgotten.
    NOTE: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will never depart from it. (Prov. 22:6) Withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it is in the power of thy hand to do it (Prov.3:27). We are your heritage, the precious gift from God, the joy of our Nation and the hope of tomorrow, Jesus’ Friends and Almighty God is our Director General.
    Thanks and God bless you.
    For more information contact:
    The National Chief Co-coordinator of (E.C.P.& E.Y.P.)

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